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Subjectinotify cookie regression/info leak in latest mainline

It would seem that

commit 7053aee26a3548ebaba046ae2e52396ccf56ac6c
Author: Jan Kara <>
Date: Tue Jan 21 15:48:14 2014 -0800

fsnotify: do not share events between notification groups

introduced a bug where the cookie field of struct inotify_event never
gets initialised. In particular, it used to be initialised when
send_to_group() called fsnotify_create_event(), but that no longer
happens, and the 'cookie' parameter of send_to_group() never gets used.

The problem manifests itself in copy_event_to_user() where the cookie
field is copied to userspace without being initialised.

I tested this with a simple userspace program, I seem to get mostly
0xffff8800 in the cookie field for non-move events (which should always
have 0 here).


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