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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] virtio-mmio: support for multiple irqs

On 2014/11/4 17:35, Shannon Zhao wrote:
> As the current virtio-mmio only support single irq,
> so some advanced features such as vhost-net with irqfd
> are not supported. And the net performance is not
> the best without vhost-net and irqfd supporting.
Hi Joel, Peter, Mst,

Some virtio-net with virtio-mmio performance data on ARM added as followed:

Type of backend bandwith(GBytes/sec)
virtio-net 0.66
vhost-net 1.49
vhost-net with irqfd 2.01

Test cmd: ./iperf -c -P 1 -i 10 -p 5001 -f G -t 60

From this test data, irqfd has great improvement (about 30%) on performance.
So maybe it's necessary to enable multiple irq support to make vhost-net
with virtio-mmio on ARM be able to use irqfd.

How do you guys think? Look forward for your feedback.


> This patch support virtio-mmio to request multiple
> irqs like virtio-pci. With this patch and qemu assigning
> multiple irqs for virtio-mmio device, it's ok to use
> vhost-net with irqfd on arm/arm64.

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