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SubjectRe: [Qemu-devel] [RFC PATCH] virtio-mmio: support for multiple irqs

On 11/05/2014 03:12 AM, Shannon Zhao wrote:
> Hi Rémy,
> On 2014/11/5 16:26, GAUGUEY Rémy 228890 wrote:
>> Hi Shannon,
>>> Type of backend bandwith(GBytes/sec)
>>> virtio-net 0.66
>>> vhost-net 1.49
>>> vhost-net with irqfd 2.01
>>> Test cmd: ./iperf -c -P 1 -i 10 -p 5001 -f G -t 60
>> Impressive results !
>> Could you please detail your setup ? which platform are you using and which GbE controller ?
> Sorry for not telling the test scenario. This test scenario is from Host to Guest. It just
> compare the performance of different backends. I did this test on ARM64 platform.
> The setup was based on:
> 1)on host kvm-arm should support ioeventfd and irqfd
> The irqfd patch is from Eric "ARM: KVM: add irqfd support".
> The ioeventfd patch is reworked by me from Antonios.
> 2)qemu should enable ioeventfd support for virtio-mmio
> This patch is refer to Ying-Shiuan Pan and reworked for new qemu branch.
> 3)qemu should enable multiple irqs for virtio-mmio
> This patch isn't sent to qemu maillist as we want to check whether this is the right direction.
> If you want to test, I'll send it to you.
I'm not a maintainer so my opinion isn't worth a lot here, but this
seems like the right direction to me. I'd like to see the qemu patch
(do mention the dependency on the kernel patch) on the qemu-devel
mailing list. I think these numbers also support some of the prereqs
listed above that have gone through several iterations getting queued up
for 3.19.
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