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SubjectRe: kdbus: add documentation
* Greg Kroah-Hartman:

> +The focus of this document is an overview of the low-level, native kernel D-Bus
> +transport called kdbus. Kdbus exposes its functionality via files in a
> +filesystem called 'kdbusfs'. All communication between processes takes place
> +via ioctls on files exposed through the mount point of a kdbusfs. The default
> +mount point of kdbusfs is /sys/fs/kdbus.

Does this mean the bus does not enforce the correctness of the D-Bus
introspection metadata? That's really unfortunate. Classic D-Bus
does not do this, either, and combined with the variety of approaches
used to implement D-Bus endpoints, it makes it really difficult to
figure out what D-Bus services, exactly, a process provides.

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