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SubjectDisable input device

there is request to introduce some option (via sysfs) to disable
one input device. Originally it was for tsc2005 touchscreen found
on Nokia N900 cellphone. Use case is to completely disable
touchscreen when phone is in pocket or when screen is locked via
slide switch (to prevent random clicks).

But it would be better to have disable option for all input
devices. Sometimes input device is not use and only consume
power. Another case is when input device (e.g. keyboard or
touchpad) is integrated into machine (e.g. on laptops) and user
does not want to use it (so make sure that kernel does not send
events to userspace).

I would like to ask, how to solve it?

What do you think about adding new sysfs file "disable" (accept
values 1 or 0) for every input device? With "1" it cause that
kernel will drop all events from specific input device and if
driver provide some function is can be called (e.g. for power
management or disabling device at hardware level).

Or do you prefer something other?

Pali Rohár
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