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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/3] Support PMIC operation region for CrystalCove and XPower
On Friday, November 21, 2014 03:11:48 PM Aaron Lu wrote:
> v3:
> Only some function/variable name changes, no functiona changes:
> - Replace the dptf/DPTF word originate from the BIOS ACPI table with more
> meaningful word thermal/THERMAL in all places;
> - Eliminate the soc part in various structure and function names to make
> them shorter:
> intel_soc_pmic_opregion -> intel_pmic_opregion
> intel_soc_pmic_pmop_handler -> intel_pmic_pmop_handler
> intel_soc_pmic_install_opregion_handler -> intel_pmic_install_opregion_handler
> etc.
> v2:
> Place PMIC operation files under drivers/acpi/pmic instead of
> drivers/acpi/pmic_opregion as suggested by Rafael;
> Rename PMIC operation files to make them shorter as suggested by Rafael.
> v1:
> On Intel Baytrail-T and Baytrail-T-CR platforms, there are two customized
> ACPI operation regions defined for the Power Management Integrated Circuit
> device, one is for power resource handling and one is for thermal: sensor
> temperature reporting, trip point setting, etc. There are different PMIC
> chips used on those platforms and though each has the same two operation
> regions and functionality, their implementation is different so every PMIC
> will need a driver. But since their functionality is similar, some common
> code is abstracted into the intel_soc_pmic_opregion.c.
> The last version is posted here:
> Changes since then:
> 1 Move to drivers/acpi as discussed on the above thread;
> 2 Added support for XPower AXP288 PMIC operation region support;
> 3 Since operation region handler can not be removed(at the moment at least),
> use bool for the two operation region driver configs instead of tristate;
> Another reason to do this is that, with Mika's MFD ACPI support patch, all
> those MFD cell devices created will have the same modalias as their parent's
> so it doesn't make much sense to compile these drivers into modules.
> Patch 1 applies on top of Rafael's pm-next branch, and then patch 2 and
> patch 3 needs merge of Lee's mfd/ib-mfd-iio-3.19 branch where the PMIC
> driver XPower AXP288 and iio driver axp288_adc is located.
> Aaron Lu (3):
> ACPI / PMIC: support PMIC operation region for CrystalCove
> ACPI / PMIC: support PMIC operation region for XPower AXP288
> ACPI / PMIC: AXP288: support virtual GPIO in ACPI table


I've pulled the Lee's 'mfd/ib-mfd-iio-3.19' branch and applied your updated
three on top of that. Please check the bleeding-edge branch of linux-pm.git
for the result.

I speak only for myself.
Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel Open Source Technology Center.

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