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Subject[PATCH v3 0/3] Support PMIC operation region for CrystalCove and XPower
Only some function/variable name changes, no functiona changes:
- Replace the dptf/DPTF word originate from the BIOS ACPI table with more
meaningful word thermal/THERMAL in all places;
- Eliminate the soc part in various structure and function names to make
them shorter:
intel_soc_pmic_opregion -> intel_pmic_opregion
intel_soc_pmic_pmop_handler -> intel_pmic_pmop_handler
intel_soc_pmic_install_opregion_handler -> intel_pmic_install_opregion_handler

Place PMIC operation files under drivers/acpi/pmic instead of
drivers/acpi/pmic_opregion as suggested by Rafael;
Rename PMIC operation files to make them shorter as suggested by Rafael.

On Intel Baytrail-T and Baytrail-T-CR platforms, there are two customized
ACPI operation regions defined for the Power Management Integrated Circuit
device, one is for power resource handling and one is for thermal: sensor
temperature reporting, trip point setting, etc. There are different PMIC
chips used on those platforms and though each has the same two operation
regions and functionality, their implementation is different so every PMIC
will need a driver. But since their functionality is similar, some common
code is abstracted into the intel_soc_pmic_opregion.c.

The last version is posted here:

Changes since then:
1 Move to drivers/acpi as discussed on the above thread;
2 Added support for XPower AXP288 PMIC operation region support;
3 Since operation region handler can not be removed(at the moment at least),
use bool for the two operation region driver configs instead of tristate;
Another reason to do this is that, with Mika's MFD ACPI support patch, all
those MFD cell devices created will have the same modalias as their parent's
so it doesn't make much sense to compile these drivers into modules.

Patch 1 applies on top of Rafael's pm-next branch, and then patch 2 and
patch 3 needs merge of Lee's mfd/ib-mfd-iio-3.19 branch where the PMIC
driver XPower AXP288 and iio driver axp288_adc is located.

Aaron Lu (3):
ACPI / PMIC: support PMIC operation region for CrystalCove
ACPI / PMIC: support PMIC operation region for XPower AXP288
ACPI / PMIC: AXP288: support virtual GPIO in ACPI table

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