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SubjectRE: [RFC] situation with csum_and_copy_... API
From: Al Viro
> We would be better off with iov_iter passed to __sock_{send,recv}msg() (as
> a part of struct msghdr, instead of ->msg_iov/->msg_iovlen) and always
> advanced to match the amount of data actually picked from it. With iovec
> behind it remaining constant. That would work just as well as the current
> variant for sendmsg(2)/recvmsg(2)/etc., be a lot more convenient for
> kernel_{send,recv}msg() callers and would allow a lot of other fun stuff.

Callers of kernel_send/recvmsg() could easily be using a wrapper
function that creates the 'msghdr'.
When the want to send the remaining part of a buffer the old iterator
will no longer be available - just the original iov and the required offset.

So it would be useful if the iterator could be initialised to a byte
offset down the iov[].

Are there any current code paths where the iov[] is modified but
ends up being something other than 'the remaining data'?
If not then code can check whether iov[0].len has changed, and
skip the 'advance' is it has.

(I've an out-of-tree driver that assumes the iov[] isn't changed.)


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