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SubjectRe: Removal of bus->msi assignment breaks MSI with stacked domains
On 21/11/14 01:22, Yijing Wang wrote:
> On 2014/11/21 0:31, Marc Zyngier wrote:
>> Bjorn, Yijing,
>> I've just realized that patch c167caf8d174 (PCI/MSI: Remove useless
>> bus->msi assignment) completely breaks MSI on arm64 when using the new
>> MSI stacked domain:
> Sorry, this is my first part to refactor MSI related code, now
> how to get pci msi_controller depends arch functions(pcibios_msi_controller() or
> arch_setup_msi_irq()), we are working on generic pci_host_bridge, after that,
> we could eventually eliminate MSI arch functions and find pci dev 's msi controller
> by pci_host_bridge->get_msi_controller().
> Marc, could you tell me what pci host driver in your test platform ?

I'm using pci-host-generic (with a couple of patches to help it fit the
new "generic pci" infrastructure).

This lives at:


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