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SubjectRe: [PATCH 08/11] x86, mpx: [new code] decode MPX instruction to get bound violation information
On Wed, 12 Nov 2014, Dave Hansen wrote:
> Changes from the old decoder:
> * Use the generic decoder instead of custom functions. Saved
> ~70 lines of code overall.
> * Remove insn->addr_bytes code (never used??)
> * Make sure never to possibly overflow the regoff[] array, plus
> check the register range correctly in 32 and 64-bit modes.
> * Allow get_reg() to return an error and have mpx_get_addr_ref()
> handle when it sees errors.
> * Only call insn_get_*() near where we actually use the values
> instead if trying to call them all at once.
> * Handle short reads from copy_from_user() and check the actual
> number of read bytes against what we expect from
> insn_get_length(). If a read stops in the middle of an
> instruction, we error out.
> * Actually check the opcodes intead of ignoring them.
> * Dynamically kzalloc() siginfo_t so we don't leak any stack
> data.
> * Detect and handle decoder failures instead of ignoring them.

Very nice work! It's easy to follow and the error handling of all
sorts is well thought out.



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