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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arch: tile: gxio: Export symbols for module using in 'mpipe.c'
On 11/13/14 4:18, Chris Metcalf wrote:
> On 11/11/2014 7:16 PM, Chen Gang wrote:
>> And I also want to consult, can tile be run under qemu or other
>> simulators? Welcome any ideas, suggestions, and completions.
> Our use of qemu so far as been purely in the context of virtualization,
> where it functions as the KVM driver. No one has looked into using qemu
> as an instruction simulator, for example. Patches welcome :-)

OK, thank you for your information. And excuse me, at present, I have
no enough time resources (maybe neither have ability) for constructing
tile qemu instruction simulator.

> We do have a simulator, but for the time being, it's only available
> as part of chip sales to our customers.

OK, thanks. Next, I shall consult toolchains tile members for it to try
to find another ways for virtual environments (e.g. binutils/sim,
although I can not find tile under binutils/sim).

If I really can not find any virtual environments for tile, I have to
only try to test tile toolchains (gcc/binutils/libc) under full
cross-building environments, and skip tests under virtual environments.

Chen Gang

Open, share, and attitude like air, water, and life which God blessed

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