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SubjectErich Schubert you cannot Diminish me. (systemd fanboi /male feminist bans further discussion)
(Erich Schubert put forth false claims about lack of involvement of mine in free/opensource software)
(When corrected he first engaged, then deleted all the posts, keeping only his false statements visible)
"We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Vitavonni. Find out more."

Dear Mr Schubert;

I have a life and friends. You may notice them collaborating on some of my recordings.

I spent much of this year and the year before working on code for my projects. Almost full time. I am glad I had the free time to do that. Have you ever had such time?

I have constructed 3d models, 3d architecture, 2d maps, music, textures, pixel art, etc. If there is something incidental to making a program whole, I have done it. All of it free/open-source.

What have you done?

I would have more of a life if there was a point to the upgrade, but the social structure you support bars men from marrying young girls.

You cannot diminish me.

You cannot compare a dot on a canvas to an abyss


Previously Erich Schubert wrote:
Sure, and then you also save the world on your spare time... apart from having writting all of nethack and Xonotic, that is.
Some thousands have downloaded, and then uninstalled your thing.
Get real. Get a life. Get friends.


Previously MikeeUSA wrote:

Yes. Some thousands have downloaded, used, and enjoyed one of the more recent projects (as an example). They have shared it with eachother and written about it on their sites in various countries/languages. It is quite a large project, somewhere around 1/8th the size of a debian source release. (And that's with all the tricks that can be figured out to compress it) I think the fact that that many bothered to download something that large says something at the very least.

Often I do not credit myself when doing the programming work (including on my own projects), it's just something that's need to support the media. I do credit myself when I do media work.

I'm happy so many people chose to download it. To some, thousands is nothing, but to me it's something.

Everything is under free/opensource licenses.


Previously Erich Schubert wrote:

Prove me otherwise. You may have dumped GB somewhere, but has anyone enjoyed, used, downloaded, reshared them? Are they in any larger project? I doubt you have contributed "gigabytes" to Debian, if anything at all...

I'm allowing this post of yours, because you at least use your regular handle instead of rotating sock puppets, and keep your insults down.


Previously MikeeUSA wrote (start of thread):

Dear Mr Schubert;

"He has not contributed anything to the open source community."
This is a complete lie. I've contributed gigabytes of media alone.
I've done years and years of programming work.
I have done far more than you ever will.

"His songs and "games" are not worth looking at,"
Your subjective view. Coloured by your social views and your
disdain for those who oppose you in that.

"and I'm not aware of any project that has accepted any of his "contributions"."
The only objectively true thing you've said: you're not aware.
I'm glad you're unaware, I hope that trend continues.

I expect this post to be censored, it is par for the course for people like you.



(Later Erich deletes posts, from 14 down to 9, like any good feminist)
(discussion you are attempting to post to is closed)

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