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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 net-next] net: Convert LIMIT_NETDEBUG to net_dbg_ratelimited
From: Joe Perches <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 10:59:17 -0800

> Use the more common dynamic_debug capable net_dbg_ratelimited
> and remove the LIMIT_NETDEBUG macro.
> All messages are still ratelimited.
> Some KERN_<LEVEL> uses are changed to KERN_DEBUG.
> This may have some negative impact on messages that were
> emitted at KERN_INFO that are not not enabled at all unless
> DEBUG is defined or dynamic_debug is enabled. Even so,
> these messages are now _not_ emitted by default.
> This also eliminates the use of the net_msg_warn sysctl
> "/proc/sys/net/core/warnings". For backward compatibility,
> the sysctl is not removed, but it has no function. The extern
> declaration of net_msg_warn is removed from sock.h and made
> static in net/core/sysctl_net_core.c
> Miscellanea:
> o Update the sysctl documentation
> o Remove the embedded uses of pr_fmt
> o Coalesce format fragments
> o Realign arguments
> Signed-off-by: Joe Perches <>
> ---
> V2: Remove the EXPORT_SYMBOL for net_msg_warn and make
> it a static in net/core/sysctl_net_core.c

Applied, thanks a lot Joe.

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