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SubjectRe: [RFC] The SIGINFO signal from BSD
> wouldn't be accepted.  (BTW, if you're going to do this, note that ^T
> could be remapped to any control character via stty; so to do this we
> would need to define an extra index in c_cc[] array in the struct
> termios.)

We have 19 entries in the array and no platforms that byte pack so that
would actually be doable I think.

I'm really dubious about its value in the Linux world. You could do far
better teaching the GUI desktop to walk the process tree of clients and
dump the window owners process subtrees in a nice pop up window.

PS: Austin - SIGPWR was used on the System 5 boxes I used to indicate
power had been *restored* not lost. The primary usage was in curses and
termios using apps so that when the power came back on they would redraw
the screens on all the terminals.

You have to think back to a world of a generator/battery backed servers
and non battery backed terminals for that to make sense.


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