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SubjectRe: [PATCH V8 00/14] perf, x86: Haswell LBR call stack support (kernel)
On Thu, Nov 06, 2014 at 09:54:17AM -0500, Kan Liang wrote:
> Yan, Zheng (13):
> perf, x86: Reduce lbr_sel_map size
> perf, core: introduce pmu context switch callback
> perf, x86: use context switch callback to flush LBR stack
> perf, x86: Basic Haswell LBR call stack support
> perf, core: pmu specific data for perf task context
> perf, core: always switch pmu specific data during context switch
> perf, x86: allocate space for storing LBR stack
> perf, x86: track number of events that use LBR callstack
> perf, x86: Save/resotre LBR stack during context switch
> perf, core: simplify need branch stack check
> perf, x86: re-organize code that implicitly enables LBR/PEBS
> perf, x86: disable FREEZE_LBRS_ON_PMI when LBR operates in callstack
> mode
> perf, x86: Discard zero length call entries in LBR call stack
> Peter Zijlstra (Intel) (1):
> perf, x86: expose LBR callstack to user space tool

So are these the exact same patches I already had, or did you change
anything else? Its not immediately clear, lemme try and figure out.

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