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SubjectDebian "Administration" cancels systemd-shim to force systemd lock-in upon "users"
>>You could also work with uselessd, whether on the project itself or work on adapting a distro
>>to use it.
> A few days ago the Debian administration ruled out any use of a systemd "substitute"
>(cancelling its own systemd-shim project for desktop users) and now requires systemd whole

We knew that would happen. Accommodations are only a temporary
stratagem with the systemd people. They are out to conquer. They need
to be stopped, halted.

There has been no General Resolution amongst debian package maintainers.
Red Hat has instituted a regulatory capture of the "bug squashing" committee
within debian (the "Technical Committee") by having current or former (but
stock holding) employees moonlight in debian and gradually gain membership
in that comittie.

Once their numbers were sufficient they proceeded to file a bug report on
the fact that systemd was not standard in debian.

This is illicit abuse of process and they need to be prosecuted.

Debian is an unincorporated association. It has bylaws, trade
practices, and dealings
by which it was governed. The RedHat associated members of the
Technical Committee have illegally and in bad faith abused their
positions in-order to
realize financial and strategic gain for their employer.

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