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SubjectKernel developer refuses to commit intel patches because: women's rights / feminism.
If they are going to obstruct, then Feminists need to be thrown out of
kernel development, like how they threw anti-feminist men out of
debian and other linux distro development (because they didn't like
them). (If it's good for the gander, ain't it good for the goose? Oh
it don't work THAT way right?! Only one way)

Or Intel should hire someone to take care of this problem (best
solution, would teach a hard lesson.)

"Actions have consequences (or: why I'm not fixing Intel's bugs any
more) by mjg59
Oct. 2nd, 2014 09:20 am" site

Linux Kernel Developer Refusing to Update Linux Kernel over #GamerGate
Social Justice Warriors have taken over the opensource/freesoftware
community since 2006, ostracized and removed any programmers who
opposed their beliefs, and more or less ran many men out on a rail.

Revenge is needed. Or atleast equality. Or mjg59 should just quit
patch submission gatekeeping and run for the senate.

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