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SubjectRe: (Song) Fk SystemD
"No software is finished"

This we fundamentally disagree on.
You are incorrect.

On 10/6/14, <> wrote:
> Le 06.10.2014 13:17, Gregory Smith a écrit :
>> What is needed is inaction,
> Huh.... I'm not a systemd lover, you know, but what you just wrote is
> weird!
> Seriously, I have so many problems at work because people never even
> tries to make code more readable, more secured, because "inaction is
> better". Systemd is excessive, yes. But inaction is never a good thing,
> no software is finished. There is always a way to enhance it, or to do
> things in a better way. Systemd tried, and convinced a lot of people
> (not me), so it was adopted by almost all distros, despite the problems
> it have.
>> what there was before systemd was fine.
>> Acting is the problem.
> Then, why not forking whatever was fine for you, and stop annoying
> people? Stop infringing the rules of this mailing list (because, I
> really doubt that insulting people is allowed)?
> You are enough systemd haters around to be able to maintain sysvinit, I
> don't doubt it. But, of course, it's easier to whine on a user list,
> annoying everyone which do not share your exact point of view, than
> acting yourself.
> With all mails on systemd's war, I am sure that there was enough time
> to do that, if people had actually acted.
> Oh... and, there *are* some people which acts. I do not like the
> systemd's direction, but I do think one of it's features is nice (the
> unit system). And I have discovered (maybe with a mail on this list? Or
> random searches? Not sure) that some people do act: there is uselessd,
> which is an alternative which removes lot of "features" of systemd, to
> go back to non-bloated software. There is also eudev, by gentoo,
> destined to replace udev. The same distro which produces openrc IIRC.
> See? There *are* alternatives (yes, I have seen some mails saying in
> title that there are no alternatives. I don't mind, I know it's wrong,
> because gentoo does not use systemd). So, stop whining, move! And if you
> want to stay on pure debian, I don't doubt people will be interested if
> someone packages those projects into Debian.
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