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SubjectRe: (Song) Fk SystemD
Dry logic is what the opponents of systemD have been using.

Appeal to authority, appeal to emotion (new!) and circular reasoning
plus the application of authority (Bans (Debian, Arch linux, Linux forums, etc))
are what the systemD proponents have been using.

The proponents are winning, they even have linus on their side;
Who in the past has weighed in on userspace issues such as
KDE4, Gnome3, PulseAudio, etc.... now claims that he doesn't
know ANNYTHING about userspace and is only a kernel hacker:
when it comes to userspace he uses what he's given and is clueless
(paraphrasing his claims Deb Conf '14)

Clearly he is lying. He vouched for systemd, says he uses it, doesn't
see any problem, says "the init wars are over, right" (lies again, systemd
isn't only init. He knows that), says he doesn't know anything about
userland anyway (another lie, comparing his earlier statements).

The systemD proponents use every manner of persuasion and coersion.
We are told to only use dry logic and not show ANY emotion or opinion.

They take the hill, we are relegated to the ditch. Who's going to win?

We are getting this thing shoved down our throats,
and a little song against it is a problem?

On 10/5/14, Chuck Ebbert <> wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Oct 2014 10:29:24 +0000
> Gregory Smith <> wrote:
>> Fuck you.
>> This is what you systemd shitheads say to everything.
>> It's either your way or the highway.
> Did you even *read* Al's reply? He's objecting to the tactics, not
> the underlying message that systemd is crap. Sheesh.
>> On 10/4/14, Al Viro <> wrote:
>> > On Sat, Oct 04, 2014 at 06:49:30PM +0200, Tom Collins wrote:
>> >
>> > [snip masturbation]
>> >
>> > To quote Jordan Hubbard,
>> >
>> > Your brand of "advocacy" is akin to having the KKK show up at one's
>> > wedding to congradulate the happy couple on their choice of marrying
>> > within their race. Some kinds of "support" you just don't need if
>> > all it leaves you with the desire to take a couple of dozen showers.
>> >
>> > That was about a different dipshit in a different flamefest, but it
>> > applies
>> > to you nicely. Incidentally, as you obviously understand and don't
>> > give
>> > a fuck about, you are actively helping the Fine Piece Of Software in
>> > question,
>> > letting the pushers of said FPOS to paint everyone who has objections
>> > with
>> > your, er, output...
>> >
>> > Go play in the traffic, kid. Remember to arrange a video...
>> >
>> >
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