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SubjectRE: [PATCH 2/2] x86, mce: support memory error recovery for both UCNA and Deferred error in machine_check_poll
+	m->mcgstatus |= (MCG_STATUS_MCIP|MCG_STATUS_RIPV);
+ severity = mce_severity(m, mca_cfg.tolerant, NULL);

This seems a big hack to make mce_severity() work when called from
CMCI context (when MCG_STATUS register is not set). It would also
be confusing as the subsequent logged entries would show MCIP and RIPV
bits set in the mcg_status.

If someone can think of a less hacky way to do this, that would be good. Otherwise
the code needs a comment, and should reset m->mcg_status to avoid making logs
that have incorrect data.


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