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SubjectRe: Discussion on Linus Trovalds claim of userspace cluelessness, spiralling into other analysis and choice of women. Also systemd.
"Those who do not support my world view are insane"

"Enemies do not exist, only the sane and the insane, I am sane, they
are the insane"

On 10/18/14, Mike Galbraith <> wrote:
> On Sat, 2014-10-18 at 16:08 +0000, Gregory Smith wrote:
> ramble ramble.. lalala.. butterflies, wheee
> If you're taking drugs, and the container doesn't have _your_ name on
> it, stop that, maybe your mind will find its way home. If you're not
> taking anything, talk to a health professional about getting some NOW.
> -Mike

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