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SubjectRe: [RFC v2] gpio/omap: auto-setup a GPIO when used as an IRQ

On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 09:35:33AM +0200, Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
> I cc'ed Aaro Koskinen and Paul Walmsley now which seems to have OMAP1
> platforms to test. Could you please test [1] and [2] on a OMAP1 board?


> [1]:
> [2]:

Tested-by: Aaro Koskinen <>

I applied these patches on top of 3.12-rc2 and tested them on Nokia
770 (OMAP1, Touchscreen & Retu powerbutton GPIO IRQs) and N800 (OMAP2,
Retu powerbutton). Seems to work fine on both boards.


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