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SubjectRe: [PATCH] blktrace: fix race with open trace files and directory removal
Jeff Mahoney <> writes:

> There's a bug in the blktrace client where it will stop and tear down
> all of the tracing instances for devices it's opened whether it
> successfully completed the setup or not.
> By starting multiple blktrace processes on the same device, it's possible
> to permanently disable blktrace on that device. The cause is that when
> the first blktrace process to exit tears down the directory structure,
> the trace files are still held open. Debugfs removes the dentries for the
> open files just fine but the relay implementation doesn't remove the
> dentries until all of the references to the file are dropped. This means
> that if there are open files when debugfs_remove is called for the device
> directory, the directory is not empty and can't be removed. Since the
> shutdown of the blktrace structure xchg's the structure out, there's no
> way to clean up the directory and any new blktrace processes will fail
> to start because it can't create the directory.
> This patch adds a kref to blk_trace so that we can release it after the
> initial reference as well as all of the references accumulated by the
> relay files are dropped.

Can't we just do proper unwinding of errors in the do_blktrace_setup
function? In other words, don't just blindly call blk_trace_free, but
instead just undo anything we've done.


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