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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tty: Fix pty master read() after slave closes
On 09/27/2013 01:27 PM, Peter Hurley wrote:
> Commit f95499c3030fe1bfad57745f2db1959c5b43dca8,
> n_tty: Don't wait for buffer work in read() loop
> creates a race window which can cause a pty master read()
> to miss the last pty slave write(s) and return -EIO instead,
> thus signalling the pty slave is closed. This can happen when
> the pty slave is written and immediately closed but before the
> tty buffer i/o loop receives the new input; the pty master
> read() is scheduled, sees its read buffer is empty and the
> pty slave has been closed, and exits.
> Because tty_flush_to_ldisc() has significant performance impact
> for parallel i/o, rather than revert the commit, special case this
> condition (ie., when the read buffer is empty and the 'other' pty
> has been closed) and, only then, wait for buffer work to complete
> before re-testing if the read buffer is still empty.
> As before, subsequent pty master reads return any available data
> until no more data is available, and then returns -EIO to
> indicate the pty slave has closed.
> Reported-by: Mikael Pettersson <>
> Signed-off-by: Peter Hurley <>

I tested this patch with the gcc ada ACATS testsuite and got this
summary so all seems ok with this patch.

=== acats Summary ===
# of expected passes 805
# of unexpected failures 0


=== acats Summary ===
# of expected passes 772
# of unexpected failures 0


=== acats Summary ===
# of expected passes 743
# of unexpected failures 0


I'd appreciate if you could re-test with this patch and
confirm the issue is fixed.

Peter Hurley

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