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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 1/1] X86: Hyper-V: Get the local APIC timer frequency from the hypervisor
On Tue, Sep 03, K. Y. Srinivasan wrote:

> Hyper-V supports a mechanism for retrieving the local APIC frequency.Use this and bypass
> the calibration code in the kernel. This would allow us to boot the Linux kernel as a
> "modern VM" on Hyper-V where many of the legacy devices (such as PIT) are not emulated.

> + if (ms_hyperv.features & HV_X64_MSR_APIC_FREQUENCY_AVAILABLE) {
> + /*
> + * Get the APIC frequency.
> + */
> + rdmsrl(HV_X64_MSR_APIC_FREQUENCY, hv_lapic_frequency);
> + hv_lapic_frequency /= HZ;

This leads to build errors on 32bit:

linux-3.12-rc2/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mshyperv.c:88: undefined reference to `__udivdi3'

Up to now I have only tested on 64bit, sorry for that.


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