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SubjectRe: [QUERY] Building and testing Aarch64

On 27 September 2013 09:58, Ramkumar Ramachandra <> wrote:
> I'm interested in cross-compiling for ARM v8, and fixing some early
> papercuts to begin with; my host machine is a normal x86_64 box.
> Although I managed to use Linaro's toolchain [1] to build an Aarch64
> kernel, and found a suitable rootfs [2] to use it with, I am not able
> to find an ARM64 machine emulator. qemu-system-arm seems to emulate
> only a 32-bit ARM machine, and is hence unsuitable for the task. How
> is everyone else working on the /arch/arm64 tree?

Linaro has a page with links for running Linux on ARMv8

ARM provides an emulator, ARMv8 Foundation Model (free as in free beer
but you need to register to be able to download, just like the
architecture documentation):

I think the direct download link is at the bottom of the page:


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