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SubjectRe: [PATCH 8/9] of/i2c: Resolve interrupt references at probe time

> > This function should be in the CONFIG_OF block.
> I'll argue the other way. I think that the whole CONFIG_OF block should
> be remove, or at least be confined to public functions. The reason that
> I've chosen to do it this way is that the i2c_device_probe() uses an
> IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_OF), which will evaluate to 0 if OF isn't selected
> which in turn will cause the compiler to throw away of_i2c_probe()
> because it is static and never used.
> The big advantage of this is that we get compile coverage for these
> functions independent of what configuration is built. The same could
> probably be done for the whole CONFIG_ACPI block. In fact I volunteer to
> provide that patch if I've convinced you that this is actually better
> than sprinking the code with the #ifdef blocks that make it harder than
> necessary to verify that the code builds in all configurations.

Yes, you (easily) did :) Still, I'd like the of_i2c_probe function
near the other of_* functions.



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