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SubjectRe: i835GM flicker on panning
Hi Daniel, hi others,

>> On 22.09.2013 22:03, Daniel Vetter wrote:
>>> Hm, that sounds a bit more like the ddx is having fun with rendering.
>>> Have you tried switching the backed from to either SNA or UXA? Also
>>> adding relevant mailing lists ...
>> No, whether I use uxa or sna makes no difference, same problem. I
>> don't think it's rendering related. The rendering is ok (except for
>> some defects in tuxracer if sna is used instead of uxa).
> Can you please test with
> Option "LinearFramebuffer" "true"?

Did. Still flickers. I'm not quite sure, but it seems to me that there
is at least one change (but allow me to test): If I'm now panning from
left to right (move the mouse to the right), then the screen is stable.
If I move it to the left, I get the flicker. Which is pretty strange.

Unless I'm completely mistaken, the tiled mode created flicker no matter
whether I scrolled left to right or right to left, it just depended on
the position. Wierd.


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