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SubjectRe: [Bug 61811] New: kms mode breaks and using radeon.agpmode=-1
[+cc linux-pci, linux-kernel, dri-devel]

On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 11:39 AM, <> wrote:
> Bug ID: 61811
> Summary: kms mode breaks and using radeon.agpmode=-1
> Product: Drivers
> Version: 2.5
> Kernel Version: 3.12
> Hardware: All
> OS: Linux
> Tree: Fedora
> Status: NEW
> Severity: normal
> Priority: P1
> Component: PCI
> Assignee:
> Reporter:
> Regression: No
> I need to use radeon.agpmode=-1 with my rv280 based graphics card due to a long
> (2+ years) standing bug with the driver. Recently I was no longer able to start
> X because modesetting is no longer working. At boot I no longer see the
> resolution change and I got log entries later in Xor.0.log saying "[KMS] drm
> report modesetting isn't supported."
> If I boot without radeon.agpmode=-1 X starts, though becomes unusable shortly
> due to the pre-existing but. kernel-PAE-3.12.0-0.rc0.git22.2.fc21.i686 works
> for me. kernel-PAE-3.12.0-0.rc0.git24.1.fc21.i686 doesn't work. (git23's build
> failed so I didn't test that one.)
> I did a git whatchanged d5d04bb..3711d86 which I think should have showed me
> the commits that were in git24 and not git22 and I didn't see any specifically
> directed at the radeon driver. I did see some PCI related commits.

Thanks for the report! Can you attach the complete dmesg logs from
the working kernel and the failing one (booted with
"radeon.agpmode=-1") to the bugzilla? Also the output of "lspci -vv".


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