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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] RX-51: Add platform function and data for bq24150a charger
* Pali Rohár <> [130920 12:29]:
> On Sunday 08 September 2013 10:50:39 Pali Rohár wrote:
> > This patch will register bq24150a charger in RX-51 board data.
> > Patch also adding platform function between isp1704 and
> > bq2415x drivers for detecting charger type.
> >
> > So finally charging battery on Nokia N900 (RX-51) working
> > automatically without any proprietary Nokia bits in userspace.

> > @@ -277,6 +316,7 @@ static void rx51_charger_set_power(bool
> > on)
> >
> > static struct isp1704_charger_data rx51_charger_data = {
> > .set_power = rx51_charger_set_power,
> > + .set_current = rx51_charger_set_current,
> > };

We want to get rid of the platform data callbacks here,
there no longer any need to keep these under arch/arm.

> Tony, can you look and review this board patch?

Yes, looks like this can all be done in the driver nowadays.
You can use drivers/reset for the set_power. Or if it's really
controlling the regulator, then the regulator framework. The
info can be passed in a .dts file for those.

The .set_current you can do in the driver based on the
compatible flag.

> I think that this patch series it the most important for Nokia
> N900, because it finally bringing charging support. And without
> charging battery it very hard to use phone which has power supply
> only from battery.

Right, let's get this driver updated to use the device tree
based init and that way this file is no longer needed.
I would like to $ grep -i grandmom ~/.phonebook | call too :)

I forgot how this charger is wired up, but maybe take a
look at commit d7bf353f (bq24190_charger: Add support for TI
BQ24190 Battery Charger) for the DT parts.


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