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Subject[PATCH v6 0/5] memcg, cgroup: kill css id
Hi Andrew,

The whole patchset has been acked and reviewed by Michal and Tejun.
Could you merge it into mm tree?


This patchset converts memcg to use cgroup->id, and then we remove cgroup

As we've removed memcg's own refcnt, converting memcg to use cgroup->id
is very straight-forward.

- rebased against mmotm 2013-09-20-15-59
- moved cgroup id check from mem_cgroup_css_alloc() to mem_cgroup_css_online()

- rebased against mmotm 2013-08-07-16-55

- make cgroup_from_id() inline and check if cgroup_mutex is held.
- add a comment for idr_remove() in cgroup_offline)fn().

- some minor cleanups suggested by Michal.
- fixed the call to idr_alloc() in cgroup_init() in the first patch.

Li Zefan (5):
memcg: convert to use cgroup_is_descendant()
memcg: convert to use cgroup id
memcg: fail to create cgroup if the cgroup id is too big
memcg: stop using css id
cgroup: kill css_id

include/linux/cgroup.h | 37 --------
kernel/cgroup.c | 248 +------------------------------------------------
mm/memcontrol.c | 66 +++++++------
3 files changed, 41 insertions(+), 310 deletions(-)


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