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Subjecti835GM flicker on panning
Hi folks, hi Daniel,

there is still an issue with flicker on panning with the 835GM chipset.
As already explained, the flicker only appears if the panning position
satisfies certain alignment constraints, in specific. As long as the
plane pointer is aligned to 64 byte boundaries, everything works correctly.

I tried now to add a parameter to the kernel to adjust the watermark
level of the chipset and see whether this makes any difference with
regards to the flicker. However, it does not. It seems that the trouble
is not there.

However, I noticed something interesting: If I use a non-native mode of
the display, i.e. enable the scaling feature of the DVO, everything
works, and no flicker ever appears. However, in these situations the
resolution is also lower than that of the native display, and hence the
issue may also be related to the PLL clock.

I also noticed that if I invert the display, i.e. use the rotation
feature, even in the native resolution, nothing flickers, though panning
is rather slow.

Does this somehow ring a bell? Can I somehow force the driver to use the
same logic for the regular display as for the inverted display to avoid
the flicker?

Any help would be appreciated.


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