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Subject[PATCH 1/10] MIPS: BCM47XX: Cocci spatch "noderef"
sizeof when applied to a pointer typed expression gives the size of the
Found by coccinelle spatch "misc/noderef.cocci"

Signed-off-by: Thomas Meyer <>

diff -u -p a/arch/mips/bcm47xx/sprom.c b/arch/mips/bcm47xx/sprom.c
--- a/arch/mips/bcm47xx/sprom.c
+++ b/arch/mips/bcm47xx/sprom.c
@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ static void nvram_read_alpha2(const char
pr_warn("alpha2 is too long %s\n", buf);
- memcpy(val, buf, sizeof(val));
+ memcpy(val, buf, sizeof(*val));

static void bcm47xx_fill_sprom_r1234589(struct ssb_sprom *sprom,

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