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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/11] EFI runtime services virtual mapping
On 09/20/13 at 03:29pm, Dave Young wrote:
> On 09/19/13 at 04:54pm, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> > From: Borislav Petkov <>
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > here's finally a new version of the runtime services VA mapping patchset
> > which hopefully implements hpa's idea of statically mapping EFI runtime
> > regions in a top-down manner starting at -4Gb virtual.
> >
> > We're also using a different pagetable so as not to pollute kernel
> > address space. For that, we switch to that table before doing an EFI
> > call, and afterwards we switch back to the previous one.
> >
> > To the patches:
> >
> > 1-2 are simple cleanups which Matt probably can take now
> >
> > 3-10 add the machinery to map regions into an arbitrary PGD. Those I've
> > split deliberately into very small bites so that they can be reviewed
> > more thoroughly and easily for my pagetable skills are pretty basic.
> >
> > 11 is the actual patch which implements that mapping so that we can use
> > runtime services in kexec (which is the whole reason for this fuss :))
> >
> > So please take a long hard look at those, hammer on them on your
> > boxes and let me know. They boot fine on my Dell UEFI box and in OVMF
> > (obviously :)).
> Thanks for your update!
> Just tested this series, for 1st kernel It boots ok in qemu+ovmf. But it immediately
> reboot on my Thinkpad T420. Unfortunately there's no way to debug this
> very early problem because there's no serial port also earlyprintk does
> not work for efi boot. No usb debug as well on this machine. I will test
> it when I go back to work after the china holiday.

Actually the ovmf testing is "qemu-system-x86_64 -kernel ", boot from grub
fails as well. Nothing printed on serial. I guess '-kernel' is using efi stub
to boot?

> OTOH, for 2nd kernel testing because kexec tools does not fill efi_info[]
> in bootparam so kernel will disable efi, also it pass acpi_rsdp pointer
> automaticlly to make 2nd kernel boot ok.
> I tested with a user space patch which copy efi_info from 1st kernel to
> bootparams, as I said previously this is not enough because several fields
> in systab, fw_vendor, runtime and tables are converted to virtual address
> but in kernel efi init function they are assumed physical addresses. Thus
> we need save these physical address. I have a patch to save them and pass
> them to 2nd kernel in bootparams.
> Since the mapping are same, I wonder if we can calculate the physical
> address from virtual address. Idea?
> Another concern is that is it safe for i386 efi boot?

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