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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/3] Fix Win8 backlight issue
On mar., 2013-09-17 at 17:23 +0800, Aaron Lu wrote:
> v1 has the subject of "Rework ACPI video driver" and is posted here:
> Since the objective is really to fix Win8 backlight issues, I changed
> the subject in this version, sorry about that.
> This patchset has three patches, the first introduced a new API named
> backlight_device_registered in backlight layer that can be used for
> backlight interface provider module to check if a specific type
> backlight
> interface has been registered, see changelog for patch 1/3 for
> details.
> Then patch 2/3 does the cleanup to sepeate the backlight control and
> event delivery functionality in the ACPI video module and patch 3/3
> solves some Win8 backlight control problems by avoiding register ACPI
> video's backlight interface if:
> 1 Kernel cmdline option acpi_backlight=video is not given;
> 2 This is a Win8 system;
> 3 Native backlight control interface exists.

I've tested this on my x230 (using pure UEFI with CSM disabled). As far
as I can tell, it works as I would expect:

- brightness keys work in initramfs, in console after boot, in lightdm
prompt and in Xfce (wether or not xfce4-power-manager is running).

I don't have brightness notifications (from xfce4-power-manager) but I
don't usually need them so I'm fine with that.

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