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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3 v5] usb: phy-samsung-usb: Simplify PMU register handling
> Sorry, I don't understand what is not implemented. Without your patch, the
> PHY driver handles both PMU registers of Exynos4.

I don't have an Exynos4 to actually test this, so please let me know
if I'm missing something here... but in order to hit the right HOST
PHY register in the current upstream code, the Exynos4 code would need
to have a hostphy_reg_offset of 4 somewhere in its
samsung_usbphy_drvdata. In my latest checkout of Linus' tree (6c2580c)
it does not (only Exynos5 sets that attribute), so it would default to
0 (thereby actually hitting the DEVICE register).

If you want I can gladly provide another change on top of my patchset
to fix that in the future... but it looks to me like it had been
broken anyway for now.

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