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Subject[PATCH 0/1] (Was: Linux 3.11-rc4)
Felipe, thanks a lot. Yes fab840f is wrong, this "bug" is already
used as a feature.

Grazvydas, I cc'ed you because I do not really understand
set_thread_context(). It does a couple of extra PTRACE_POKEUSER's
with the "Linux 2.6.33+ needs ..." comment. It would be nice if you
can check if 3.11 still needs this, in this case we probably need
some more minor fixes in this area.

In fact the first comment doesn't look right, when I look at 2.6.33
it seems that POKEUSER(DR0-DR6) should be fine without POKEUSER(DR7),
but this doesn't really matter and I can be easily wrong. Anyway
this looks like a workaround to hide kernel bugs, I will appreciate
it if you can tell if wine still needs it or not.


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