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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scsi disk: Use its own buffer for the vpd request
On 1 Aug 2013, Bernd Schubert stated:

> Once I noticed that scsi_get_vpd_page() works fine from other function
> calls and that it is not 0x89, but already 0x0 that fails fixing it became
> easy.
> Nix, any chance you could verify it also works for you?

Confirmed, thank you!

> Somehow older areca firmware versions have issues with
> scsi_get_vpd_page() and a large buffer.

I wonder if they're using math modulo SD_BUF_SIZE-1 by mistake, so they
misinterpret this as zero? (Still, doing math modulo 511 seems very
odd, even if this firmware *does* only support 512-byte sectors.)

NULL && (void)

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