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    Subject[PATCH 00/12] RFC: steps to make audit pid namespace-safe
    This patchset is a revival of some of Eric Biederman's work to make audit

    In a couple of places, audit was printing PIDs in the task's pid namespace
    rather than relative to the audit daemon's pid namespace, which currently is

    It also allows processes to log audit user messages in their own pid
    namespaces, which was not previously permitted. Please see:

    Part of the cleanup here involves deprecating task->pid and task->tgid, which
    are error-prone duplicates of the task->pids structure

    The next step which I hope to add to this patchset will be to purge task->pid
    and task->tgid from the rest of the kernel if possible. Once that is done,
    task_pid_nr_init_ns() and task_tgid_nr_init_ns() that were introduced in patch
    05/12 and used in patches 06/12 and 08/12 could be replaced with task_pid_nr()
    and task_tgid_nr(). Eric B. did take a stab at that, but checking all the
    subtleties will be non-trivial.

    Does anyone have any opinions or better yet hard data on cache line misses
    between pid_nr(struct pid*) and pid_nr_ns(struct pid*, &init_pid_ns)? I'd
    like to see pid_nr() use pid_nr_ns(struct pid*, &init_pid_ns), or
    pid_nr_init_ns() eliminated in favour of the original pid_nr(). pid_nr()
    currently accesses the first level of the pid structure without having to
    dereference the level number. If there is an actual speed difference, it could
    be worth keeping, otherwise, I'd prefer to simplify that code.

    Eric also had a patch to add a printk option to format a struct pid pointer
    which was PID namespace-aware. I don't see the point, but I'll let him explain


    Eric W. Biederman (5):
    audit: Kill the unused struct audit_aux_data_capset
    audit: Simplify and correct audit_log_capset

    Richard Guy Briggs (7):
    audit: fix netlink portid naming and types
    pid: get ppid pid_t of task in init_pid_ns safely
    audit: convert PPIDs to the inital PID namespace.
    pid: get pid_t of task in init_pid_ns correctly
    audit: store audit_pid as a struct pid pointer
    audit: anchor all pid references in the initial pid namespace
    pid: modify task_pid_nr to work without task->pid.
    pid: modify task_tgid_nr to work without task->tgid.
    pid: rewrite task helper functions avoiding task->pid and task->tgid
    pid: mark struct task const in helper functions

    drivers/tty/tty_audit.c | 3 +-
    include/linux/audit.h | 8 ++--
    include/linux/pid.h | 6 +++
    include/linux/sched.h | 81 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
    kernel/audit.c | 76 +++++++++++++++++++------------
    kernel/audit.h | 12 +++---
    kernel/auditfilter.c | 35 +++++++++++----
    kernel/auditsc.c | 36 ++++++---------
    kernel/capability.c | 2 +-
    kernel/pid.c | 4 +-
    security/apparmor/audit.c | 7 +--
    security/integrity/integrity_audit.c | 2 +-
    security/lsm_audit.c | 11 +++--
    security/tomoyo/audit.c | 2 +-
    14 files changed, 177 insertions(+), 108 deletions(-)

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