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SubjectRe: [Ksummit-2013-discuss] [ATTEND] How to act on LKML
On Tue, 2013-07-23 at 21:38 -0400, Steven Rostedt wrote:
> On Tue, 2013-07-23 at 18:26 -0700, James Bottomley wrote:
> > I think it's not in the original fallacies because they come from Greek
> > rhetoric and the Greeks believed dialectic: the taking opposite
> > positions and arguing them thoroughly. It's only with the advent of
> > Western European political systems that we're conditioned to seek
> > compromise without rigorous examination. This actually makes argument
> > to moderation one of the most effective rhetorical tools in use today
> > for discrediting an opponent's argument without actually addressing it.
> What? Really? You mean the truth doesn't lie in the middle between
> evolution and creationism?

Well, you jest, but actually Intelligent Design is usually presented as
a false compromise between the "extremes" of evolution and creationism.
If you listen to it's proponents, the rhetorical device they use to
argue for legitimacy is precisely an argument to moderation.


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