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SubjectRe: [microblaze-linux] [RESEND PATCH] microblaze: Fix clone syscall
On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 07:34:07AM +0200, Michal Simek wrote:
> Microblaze was assign to CLONE_BACKWARDS type where
> parent tid was passed via 3rd argument.
> Microblaze glibc is using 4th argument for it.
> Create new CLONE_BACKWARDS3 type where stack_size is passed
> via 3rd argument, parent thread id pointer via 4th,
> child thread id pointer via 5th and tls value as 6th
> argument

I believe this also affects us in musl. What is the motivation for
making a configure option that results in there being two incompatible
syscall ABIs for the same arch? This sounds like a really bad idea...
And how was glibc successfuly using a form that mismatched the
existing kernel? Did nobody ever use/test it? I think the broken
userspace software that was already failing to work due to this
mismatch should simply be fixed rather than adding incompatible kernel
ABI variants.


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