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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3 v6] cpufreq: Add debugfs directory for cpufreq
On 24 July 2013 14:35, Chanwoo Choi <> wrote:
> And, I add additional step on below:
>> - Remove symlink for new policy->cpu, i..e cpu1 in your example
>> - rename debugfs entry to give it to cpu1 instead of cpu0.
> - Store renamed cpu0 pointer to cpu1 pointer
> - Create new link for CPU[2-3] to CPU1's debugfs directory
> because debugfs use string path to create symbolic link.
> It isn't automatically connected with new CPU1 debugfs directory.

Honestly speaking I am not the best at debugfs core, but I still think
the link is connected to a struct debugfs node and not to any path..
This node is connected to a path though. And so even after rename
things should stay stable without your new step...

Just try and see if I am right or wrong.. Otherwise what you already
did is correct as you need to remove links for 2-3 as well..

>> - Set cpu0 pointer to NULL.

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