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SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/18] MAINTAINERS: OMAP POWERDOMAIN, update patterns
Em 22-07-2013 02:32, Paul Walmsley escreveu:
> On Sun, 21 Jul 2013, Joe Perches wrote:
>> I certainly don't object at all if Andrew picks
>> up the patches you mentioned and drops these 2.
>> Andrew, here are links to Cesar's original patches
>> It seems a few are similar/duplicated to these 18.
>> Cesar, maybe you should resend yours. I thought
>> they were applied and forgot all about them.
> Another possibility, assuming that there are some fixes from your series
> that Cesar didn't have, would be for you to take his patches into the
> series that you're sending to Andrew, assuming that you agree with them.
> Then we'd benefit from the superset of fixes.

I don't care whose patches are applied or who gets the credit. They are
just trivial changes to a text file. What matters is that the patterns
are correct enough that does the right thing.

Cesar Eduardo Barros

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