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SubjectRe: [ 00/19] 3.10.1-stable review

* Sarah Sharp <> wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 02:42:16AM +0200, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> > If you can point me to a single instance of Linus "abusing" someone
> > who is not one of his trusted persons, who really should be able to
> > deal with that, or someone who did not provoke him to go into rant
> > mode, then I'm all on your side.
> Not that I think this link will sway you, and this thread *should*
> really die down so we can discuss this at KS instead:
> "So here's a plea: if you have anything to do with security in a distro,
> and think that my kids (replace "my kids" with "sales people on the
> road" if you think your main customers are businesses) need to have the
> root password to access some wireless network, or to be able to print
> out a paper, or to change the date-and-time settings, please just kill
> yourself now. The world will be a better place."
> Linus asked someone to go kill themselves. [...]

No, he did not.

He, as he declared it in the first stentences of his post, was venting and


I don't think I can talk about "security" people without cursing, so
you might want to avert your eyes now.

I'm, as the author of several security patches, partly a distro "security
person" too, and I was not offended, I took away the message from Linus:

don't "fix" perceived security threats by cumbersome security measures,
because users will address that by creating even larger security threats:



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