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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 6/7] USB: ohci-at91: add usb_clk for transition to common clk framework
On Wed, 17 Jul 2013, boris brezillon wrote:

> On 17/07/2013 17:33, Alan Stern wrote:
> > On Tue, 16 Jul 2013, Boris BREZILLON wrote:
> >
> >> The AT91 PMC (Power Management Controller) provides an USB clock used by
> >> USB Full Speed host (ohci) and USB Full Speed device (udc).
> >> The usb drivers (ohci and udc) must configure this clock to 48Mhz.
> >> This configuration was formely done in mach-at91/clock.c, but this
> >> implementation will be removed when moving to common clk framework.
> >>
> >> This patch add support for usb clock retrieval and configuration, and is
> >> backward compatible with the current at91 clk implementation (if usb clk
> >> is not found, it does not configure/enable the usb clk).
> > This does not take into account any of the changes you discussed with
> > Russell King and me -- it is exactly the same as the previous version.
> Sorry, I don't understand. I didn't send any new version since yesterday.

Oh. Never mind. That message was the _same_ one that I replied to
yesterday. I got two copies of it, because you sent it both to me
directly and to linux-usb. For some reason one of the copies was
delayed for many hours, so I thought it was a new message.

Alan Stern

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