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SubjectRe: [BUG] 3.10 regression: hang on suspend

On 16.07.2013 08:56, Stanislaw Gruszka wrote:
> Apparently this commit changed suspend procedure on mac80211, but it's
> not obvious for me why it hangs :-(

Hangs are hard :-) It just sits there with a black screen and a white
cursor in the top left corner...

> What is your user space configuration (are you using NM or other
> software or maybe just wpa_supplicant)? Are you using wowlan?
> If you do add no_console_suspend boot parameter does it print some
> diagnostic messages during suspend before the hang ?

Yes, I am using NM under KDE, with KDE triggered suspend. No wowlan
AFAIK. The last thing I see in the log is something from NetworkManager
that sees the device switching off. I can try again tonight and give you
the exact message.

I will also try without NM and bare wpa_supplicant and a plain suspend
through sysfs.

Any debug options you want me to enable? Netconsole won't work however...


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