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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/4] tracing/kprobes/uprobes: Fix race between opening probe event files and deleting probe
On 07/15, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
> So. As Masami pointed out, this is not enough. Probably we can add more
> hacks, but I'd like to discuss the alternative approach.
> Note also that this ref count has the unfortunate property, if someone
> keeps the file opened we can't remove an event.

And please correct me, but afaics there are similar problems with
rmdir instances/xxx.

> What this patch does:
> - add the new "topmost" rw_semaphore, file_sem.

probably unneeded...

> - trace_remove_event_call() takes this sem for writing and
> cleares enable/id/format/filter->i_private
> - removes tracing_open_generic_file/tracing_release_generic_file,
> we do not use file->f_private any longer
> - changes event_enable_read/event_enable_write to read
> ftrace_event_file = i_private under read_lock(file_sem) and
> abort if it is null.
> Question: why event_enable_write() needs trace_array_get() ?

probably it doesn't...

> Steven, Masami, do you think this can make any sense?


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