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SubjectRe: [Ksummit-2013-discuss] [ATTEND] How to act on LKML (was: [ 00/19] 3.10.1-stable review)
On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 7:18 PM, Ben Hutchings <> wrote:
> In fact, even in the pull request that's referenced here, Linus, you
> were polite but firm in your first two responses. When you're perfectly
> capable of doing that, why spoil it by adding insults?

Umm. Notice how the "Joseph" I replied to had deleted all the comments he wrote?

That should tell you something. I smacked down a troll.

If I was polite to you all those years ago, and I was polite but firm
in the two first responses, please give me credit for when I smack
somebody down. There may be a reason for it. The fact that the person
deleted his messages (or github deleted them for him - I have no idea
what their comment policy is) and you cannot see that context any more
online should not make you think that I suddenly went crazy.

Btw, since I get the github messages in email too, I have a copy.
Joseph replied to those "polite but firm" messages where I explained
exactly *why* I don't want to bother with github pull requests with
this gem:

"I did not realizes that Linus' shit does not stink. Thanks for
clearing that up..."

Quite frankly, I think I was quite polite enough. Exactly *because* I
had been polite but firm before that injection.

The fact is, I don't suffer fools nicely. I call it like I see it, and
I called him a moron for entering the discussion with a totally
content-free comment.

Feel free to disagree. Maybe you see some value in the troll comment?

And I somehow suspect that your message that I replied to back in 1999
was somehow more relevant? Yes? No?


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