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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kernel: trace: remove __init from race_selftest_startup_function() and trace_selftest_startup_function_graph()

Oh, sorry for my original impolite reply (at least it is not quite gentle).


On 07/16/2013 08:22 AM, Chen Gang wrote:
> On 07/16/2013 12:20 AM, Steven Rostedt wrote:
>> On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 10:12 +0800, Chen Gang wrote:
>>>> Hello Frederic and Ingo:
>> Are you trying to go around me? I wrote this code and I'm one of the
>> maintainers for it. Your issue is very minor, and can wait till other
>> things get done first.
>> You said my previous patch fixed your problem, right? Then I'll add your
>> tested by and push it in due course.
>> I'll also get around to adding __init's to other functions too. But it
>> is *very* low on the totem pole of importance.
> I only provide my suggestions (or recommendations) which I think might
> be useful for us, and I don't care about whether you accept or not.
> If you want discuss, we can continue, if you won't (now, I guess so),
> you can just provide your choice is OK.
>>>> Could you provide your suggestions or completions for it ?
>>>> The trace_selftest_startup_* funcitons are mostly added by you without
>>>> '__init', do you have additional considerations about it (intend to have
>>>> no '__init') ?
>>>> If no reply, I recommend to keep no '__init': apply this patch or
>>>> regress part of the patch "f1ed7c7 ftrace: Do not run selftest if
>>>> command line parameter is set" (at least, it can avoid related warnings
>>>> and treat all *selftest* fair).
>> It's a compile time warning that's a false positive. Not a run time
>> crash or other issue of importance. It can wait, relax. Otherwise you
>> are starting to become annoying.
> At least this patch is not 'urgent' (not a run time crash, or other
> issue of 'urgent'), but every members have their own opinions to treat
> this issue whether 'important' or not ('important' != 'urgent').
> And every members' time resources are expensive (not only you, but also
> me, and other members).
> When I got none-reply, I don't know what happened (whether you agree, or
> not, what I said correct or incorrect ?), it is a polite to give a
> confirmation reply to tell whether you accept or not.
> Thanks.

Chen Gang

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