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SubjectRe: [PATCH] um/configs: don't use devtmpfs in defconfig
Richard Weinberger wrote:
> Why does this confuse systemd? systemd has also a dependency on devtmpfs.

See getty@.service, which is a dependency of

# On systems without virtual consoles, don't start any getty. (Note
# that serial gettys are covered by serial-getty@.service, not this
# unit

No, systemd does not have a hard dependency on devtmpfs. See

if (detect_container(NULL) > 0) {
log_debug("Automatically adding console shell.");

if (add_symlink("console-getty.service", "console-getty.service") < 0)

/* Don't add any further magic if we are in a container */
goto finish;

I can add a rule for detect_vm() and id = "uml" here, so that um Linux
runs console-getty.service out-of-the-box. After I do that,
systemd-vconsole-setup.service will fail precisely because systemd
sees a /dev/tty0 and gets confused.

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